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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  July 23, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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car chase are like potato chips. loud and crunchy and you can
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get enough. it is not like every chase leaves the cops in the dust. car chases rarely end well. especially for the guy behind the we'll. if you are lucky you got shep smith and trace gallagher to talk you through it. they were on air when we picked up the live feed from our affiliate teleprompter following a car thief trying every trick in the book to shake the cops in southern california. >> breaking news. you are looking live high speed pursuit in southern california. this has been extremely dangerous.
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>> the chopper reporter in the southland. >> they have good eyes on him. speeds are starting to pick up. he's going to hit traffic. always builds up at the interchange. >> trace gallagher what do you see? >> the problem is the traffic and the police again because he's stolen a car don't know if he has a weapon. we haven't heard traffic from the helicopter pilot whether they know he has a weapon. >> this guy i remember was very bold, very lucky he was pretty good. >> there's a lot of traffic sitting for a red light. i expect he's trying to pull off to the left. the you anies are coming back on freeway behind him, speeds
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have picked up again. he's got the full line of freeway. chp is right behind him. there's two, three cars on his tail. >> this guy knows that no matter what happens he's going to get caught. we've never seen one get away he knows he's going to jail, it is just a matter of time. . -- >> just passing the 710. there's traffic up ahead waiting for a red light. he's pulling to the right side he's going to use that right shoulder. >> it is like -- people in los angeles, not that you are rooting for the guy to win, but you want to see in go on. you want to see the outcome. it is an unfolding mystery on live television. everybody wants to see the out company. >> looks like they tried to hit him with a spike stick. there was an officer along
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side, i couldn't see if he got him or not. >> they watched this guy as he got bolder and faster and going over medians and got in neighborhoods they started to think this guy is dangerous. that's when they get the spike strips out. >> they just took him out. the car is still going. now he's turning westbound. looks like they are trying to come up on him again. >> pit maneuver always ends a car chase. the cop in this case the pit maneuver was very effective. everybody thought the chase was over, yes the -- yet the guy takes off again. >> going through the center median this is a red light. look like he was going northbound now he's staying on artesia boulevard. >> this guy is clearly driving crazy. >> going through -- just hit a
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tree. >> funny thing is after all the fancy driving in and out of traffic, across sidewalks this guy ends up hitting a tree. >> whether he has a few more minutes left of freedom is another matter. >> he's going to jail, he knows that. >> he's trying to get out of the window, running northbound across the street. this is mostly an industrial area here. >> he's got officers right in front of him. torrance undercover is also chasing him done. looks like he's trying to fight with them. nobody got out, just the one suspect. >> this was so compelling they stayed with him the entire show this went on for 50 minutes. >> that joyride earned
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23-year-old free years in state prison. he made another ruin for -- another run for it, when he hopped a fence during prison laundry duty. i don't blame him prison laundry duty can be boring. cops picked him up now he's sitting on my couch. >> i remember her, my prom date from '83. she dumped me for ayla cross player. that's karma for you. [ lopez ] beautiful skin needs protection.
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in case you are wondering, you are still watching, you couldn't stopwatching. it is me on my way to my yoga class, i was late. actually it is a stolen truck. before it was over, something else was missing, not my spanx, but you're close. if only shep smith was here to
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call it like he sees it. oh wait, here he comes. >> i'm shepard smith this is the fox report in los angeles, the mother home of car chases police say a woman swiped a tow truck and went on quite a ride. she weaved in and out of traffic and tossed papers from that truck. she rolled on to the shoulder of the road and her hood popped up. she wasn't finished. look at this, she jumped out the window, look, takeoff running, you go! despite that well crafted plan she did not last -- she did not alas, get away. >> charged with grand theft auto, felony evading, felony hit-and-run, resisting arrest and obstructing a police officer. court hearing scheduled for october 2011. >> in our next story, a couple in florida were stopped after the police chased them down
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for a possible hit-and-run. when they got out of the car, the police wondered if they were putting them on. if so, it was the only thing they were putting on. fox news reporter lauren greene was all over this story when it first aired. >> police got an eyeful when they pulled over a couple who took off her clothes. the chase began with a hit-and-run accident. after a brief standoff the man and woman decided to bare all. the man says he took off his clothes to show he was unarmed. she said she took off her clothes to show support. you are trying not to elaborate too much when somebody is naked it is hard to avoid. they are naked this should not be happening! what do you say? >> they're naked. >> after the arrest the police were nice enough to give them back their clothes. >> only the boyfriend was charged, as this was a domestic violence case.
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>> a lot more tragic, a lot more serious than we first reported. obviously, they are naked getting out of the car, it is funny scene. when you understand this was a case of domestic abuse, this is serious business. >> the incident backed up traffic for miles. here's a case of someone getting a lot of free exposure. a man in ft. worth, texas climbed up a billboard without clothes. after calls from eyewitnesses, a s.w.a.t. team came in. according to authorities, it took five hours to talk the man down. finally, he gives in. much to his surprise, it was not a smooth landing. ouch! investigators say he recently lost his job. he was put under observation at a nearby hospital for mental evaluation.
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i've been there. here's a guy walking around naked for no reason. as i used to call it, college. but he's doing it in a california preschool, which stinks. this creep deserves to have his hall pass revoked permanently many suspect 50-year-old male arrested, taken to juvenile hall. >> in kansas city, a woman tries to rob a convenience store when the clerk rips the shirt off her back. >> it was finance any, because nobody got hurt. >> she got a few bucks. moments later gave back her booty to cover her body. >> i think he felt sorry for her because of her state of undoes. >> she bought a six-pack, some smokes and called it a day. that's what i would have done. she got in a car with two other individuals and go away without any money. let this be a lesson, no shoes,
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no shirt, no service. >> the other side of the world, japan, a tourist decided to take a dip in the moat. which is not part of the tour unless you slip the guy an extra 1,000 yen. the good citizens of tokyo fled as the creature rose from the depth he was flashing and splashing as the police tried to control him. he was caught after scaling a 25 foot wall. the naked tourist was returned to the british embassy. we don't know what happened to him after that. the wall is currently in therapy. >> that was fun. i almost never use that word. it's a stupid word. now a quiz question: in 1994, americans were glued to their set.
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the friends episode where rachel and ross hooked up. but also the most famous chase of them all. o.j. simpson white bronco along at 35 miles per hour as police pursued and thousands crowded the overpasses to get a glimpse of the football star turned murder suspect. o.j. wasn't in the drive -- driver's seat that day. do you remember who was? the answer when we return. if you leave now i'm stealing all of your lawn ornaments. to keep in balance after 50,
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i have o.j. in the car. >> where are you? >> right now you have to tell them to back off, he's still alive but he has a gun to his
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head. >> june 17th, 1994. the day o.j. simpson's notorious slow speed chase. 95 million watched live. did you guess who was driving that car? if not here's some help. was it: >> the nation found out when a cell phone call from the bronco to police was broadcast on live tv. >> what is your name? >> my name is aj. you know who i am [ bleep ] . >> yes it was al cowlings. close friend and former teammate o.j.'s chauffeur. after the chase ended cowlings was arrested. after months of hearings prosecution had insufficient evidence to file charges.
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today they might have thrown the book at him for speaking on the phone while driving. while you ponder that it is time for amazing rescue. a warning, nobody s hurt. keep the kids in the room. i'll be watching safely from my cubicle. >> in this rescue story a woman from south carolina becomes disoriented and accidentally parks her car on the train tracks. >> it was a close call in south carolina. a police officer got a woman out of car which was parked on train tracks. >> get back. >> look at this, seconds later an amtrak train plowed through the gate throwing the car more than 150 -- more than 100 yards. here you can see disaster could unfold at any moment. you just want to yell through the tv screen, get out of the way!
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>> although the woman was okay she was treated and released at a mere by hospital. her identity was not made public. >> being drunk in spain can be fun. i love their sangria. not when you are so drunk that you fall on the tracks and the train is coming. >> dramatic rescue in spain this is caught on tape, a drunk man stumbles on to the madrid metro tracks. at the time it is this terrifying scenario you are watching before your eyes. while the man lay there motionless, an off-duty policeman risked his life. he jumped on to the tracks. your heart is pumping. >> the drunk man experienced minor injuries from the fall and is doing fine. >> in our next rescue mission, it was the quick thinking actions of a detroit mish than
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police officer who saved an unconscious driver from a burning car. >> he attempted to break the window after four, five tempts the window finally shattered. i unlocked the door, opened the door. the other gentleman at the scene and by receive reached in the vehicle. >> they pulled the unidentified man out of the vehicle. moments after the car up in flames the incident was captured on the dashboard camera inside the police car. >> dashboard camera has i would say revolutionized some element of reporting. you never used to know exactly what happened during a traffic stop or during a car chase. because of the dashcam video we now are forever sort of front row passenger as long the ride with the police officer this was a prime example. >> officers said the man had collapsed into skin of medical condition. he feigned with the -- into some kind of medical
10:23 pm
condition. he fainted with the car running. the car overheated and caught fire. the victim who remains unidentified was treated for unspecified injuries. >> didn't have time to think of a strategy. as the call came i was on top of the call, fortunately. >> now, this rescue mission includes a cap, ing car and a man trapped inside. -- bill hemmer has more. >> lucky to be alive after a close encounter with death that was too close, right here. [ bleep ] >> get out of the car! get out! >> i think as a viewer and as a reporter, when it is on tv, you feel a sense of helplessness. you are watching this unfold. >> that was deputy mccann health as a hero after saving
10:24 pm
a man from his own burning car. he was conning a traffic stop when he saw the vehicle -- he was conducting a traffic stop. he saw the vehicle drive-by in flames. he was suffering from a medical condition and did not realize his car was on fire. >> smelled the odor of gas pooling under the car. >> fortunately, we have camera and monitor between us and reality. often times we watch these realities play out in real-time. >> i think that suspense and that drama, it captures us. if it captures us, i know it captures the viewer. >> the man trapped in the car walked away from the incident without a scratch. >> >> that pretty much blew is left of my mind. coming up, remember this? how could you not. it may be the greatest thing since the last thing we showed you. where is the little boy now?
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this is a fox news alert. word at this hour of multiple shooting incidents in two regions of the country. you are looking live at the scene of one in texas. police say five people have been shot dead at a roller rink. three others are wounded. reportedly happened during a private birthday party. no@á other details available at this time. there's been another shooting at a car show in seattle. here are the first pictures coming to us. a woman at a restaurant says she saw two people lying on the ground. then was told by a police officer to hide in the back of the restaurant along with others in the eatery. ambulances rolling away with at least seven victims. no word of arrests. more details as they become
10:29 pm
available. i'm marianne rafferty. now back to you couldn't stopwatching with greg gutfeld. >> welcome back. remember balloon boy? sometimes chases don't always happen on the road. sometime we are not sure if there's a driver. thankfully the fox news team was there and viewers couldn't stopwatching. -- couldn't stop watching. >> what in the word is this? >> 6-year-old child. yes he's inside the balloon. >> that little guy is going to be very, very cold. >> it is moving. >> who in the world knows what is going to happen or where it is going to end up. >> he might have fallen out. >> in the words of the person i was speaking to, if you pray, do it now. >> one of those stories, i couldn't look away. >> that silver thing that you are looking at, flying through
10:30 pm
the sky, is a 6-year-old boy who took off in some sort of homemade hot-air balloon device. >> they are not even certain if the child is fill inside this balloon device -- is still inside this balloon device. >> on the phone we have the sheriff's spokeswoman. >> as far as we can ascertain, yes he's inside the balloon. his older brother reported to us that he watched him go into the access door just as the device was taking off. we do have people on the ground doing a search, just to make sure that he's not hiding somewhere. >> we are told this can go 10,000 feet in the air in is a potentially very dangerous situation for this little child. >> they pointed out that he might have fallen out. >> i've never seen this before. >> i think we have harris. >> let me tell you the startling details that i've just learned. the denver tower has been told to clear the air space.
10:31 pm
they are hoping this little child, okay is not going to float up too high. it is very cold up there. in the words of the person i was speaking to, if you pray, do it now. >> i actually was quoting an official. she said it is time for all of us to pray. if there's a little boy in that balloon, only god can save him. >> his parents contacted local tv station there and authorities there in fort collins to let them know right away so they could try to get some visual on this kyle. quick-thinking by those parents. >> -- this is a potentially dangerous situation for the child as you can imagine. there's the shot. once again, this thing is moving at a very fast clip. >> you couldn't take your eyes off the screen, you feel like
10:32 pm
what is that thing? is there really somebody in it? it is unbelievable. that is must see tv. >> shepardow? ready from studio b, he's watching all of this. >> it is 3:00 on the east coast. you are looking live outside of denver, colorado. a balloon apparently contains a 6-year-old boy. a balloon that looks like a spacecraft. airborne and on the move what locals call 25 miles-an-hour. i thought it was a joke. it looks like the jiffy pop popcorn balloon thing. i didn't know what was going on. balloon flying, boy missing, parents freaking, tv, hello. >> we were trying to verify whether or not this was an actual story or a hoax because it didn't seem to be true.
10:33 pm
>> where are his parents? >> the father who called into authorities to let them know that his craft had come lose -- come loose. >> it is after 1:00 in the denver area. how long could it be up there? >> i think it could stay up indefinitely. >> we have a news room in denver alicia is watching from there getting local reports. >> we talked to eric of the emergency management office. he told us this was never designed to fly. he said based where they believe the child is, it is made of thin plywood that would not survive a hard landing. >> the skies above denver, colorado one of the strangest things in the history of my television career is going down inside this jiffy pop
10:34 pm
popcorn bag looking thing. here are the things we are going to spend all our day researching so if something big happens all of our i's will be dotted and t's will be crossed. sometimes it is the resignation of a congressman or a fire that day it was a balloon flying through the air and i was surreal. -- and it was surreal. would you look at this! oh my goodness. now the balloon is on the ground. is there a 6-year-old boy about to come out of this thing? this is the moment of truth. i've just been told they are putting us on camera now. we don't know. >> the affiliate here is reporting that they have confirmed that no one is inside. >> all along we are watching this fly through the air.
10:35 pm
not really knowing. is it possible that he never got in the thing? dad says he did. the brother thinks he fell out. you know where we are right now? it is time for honesty, we don't know. we don't realize that these parents are three shades crazy. we don't know we are all under their hoax. we were hesitant to put this story on the air in the first place what if it is a hoax? some reports i'm getting now officer this child, i can't confirm this, i'm told this child was a child who appeared on the television program "wife swap" >> they pull the rug out from unus. the balloon was as empty as paris hilton's brain. america spent an hour watching a big bag of gas when they could have been watching dr. phil. same thing, really. i talked with the father and man who built that flying jiffy pop think, via
10:36 pm
satellite. back to the infamous day october 15th, 2009, what was that like for you? >> on that day, everybody i think throughout life watching a big pile of dog crap, right. you walk back in wash your shoes off. that's not what i do. i buy a new pair of shoes. >> do you feel bad that maybe you manipulated some emotions that day? >> my attorney said it best. he put out a press release and told it like it was. i had to take the guilty plea to prevent my family from being parted. they were going to deport my wife and take my kids away and i would be in jail. >> did you go to jail? >> no, you mean yale. >> very good. >> his wife pled guilty to a felony charge of attempt to influence a public service. he was sentenced to 90 days in jail and four years probation. he spent thirty days behind bars and the other 60 days in
10:37 pm
a work release program. his wife pled guilty to false reporting a misdemeanor. she was sentenced to four years probation and 20 days in jail. >> how are your kids? >> my kids are great. >> he moved to florida working in construct and other entrepreneurial start-ups. >> what happened to your back scratching thing? that is a bear scratch. >> we sold tons for the christmas season it seems like every time a season comes up like father's day, buy a back scratcher. >> do you consider yourself crazy, eccentric or ahead of your time? >> on the did -- on the day i was born i belly surfed on the way out. >> the flying saucer was auctioned off. heene suggested one million dollars for the balloon ended up with a final bid of over
10:38 pm
$2500. they did not keep any of the of the one of the conditions of probation is they cannot profit until 2013. they donated the money towards helping the earthquake and tsunami recovery efforts in japan. >> i want to thank you for the time you have given me. >> thank you. remember, always say this, if it is -- zoomer! >> i have no idea what that means. >> a motorcyclist, they couldn't stop chasing, he couldn't stop running, i couldn't stop shaking and you couldn't couldn't stopwatching. i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while u're driving.
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-- >> i love my hog. i take it out on the road every weekend. i also plan one day to get a motorcycle. like 46-year-old drug felon who went awol from a halfway house and challenged police to a high speed game of hide-and-seek. trace gallagher and shannon bream had the live play-by-play. >> this guy is flying down the road. >> antagonizing the officers. the wild west! let's take it to trace. we believe it is ft. worth, texas? >> it is. heading toward arlington, texas. a motorcycle gives this guy a lot more flexibility to get
10:43 pm
away. now the speeds have picked up dramatically. again this is k tv t. >> motorcycles can weave in and out of traffic. -- they can go up and done sidewalks they can do all kinds of unique things where police vehicles can't follow which is why they call in motorcycle officers to back them up. the motorcycle -- the guy is not wearing a helmet going at high rays of speed. we should note shannon as you watch this car chase -- in texas there are more restrained rules. it dent appear as though he's posing a major threat. motorcycle slowing down, two police officers pulling up behind him. now there's a motorcycle cop,
10:44 pm
kind of tit-for-tat, right? >> it seems like so often in these chases, that they do this sort of slow done, let the cops get close and bolt again -- slow down, let the cops get close and bolt again. >> it is clearly cat and mouse he's letting the cops get on both sides then inches up a little more then backs off and lets them get on the side and speeds up. there he goes again. cat and mouse game continues. >> sometimes when you see people -- in this case we can see the guy he was turning around, mocking them. just clearly was more entertaining. this guy is flying down the road now. was is they go on delay. we are on a three delay so our audience knows so if something
10:45 pm
happens and this guy crashes badly we can pull off before the audience sees it. the guy want wearing a helmet. they cancel the spike strips even if he going 10, 15 miles per hour, he loses control, hits somebody else, runs into a wall, he's badly injured it becomes a huge liability. you can see him stretching his left arm out. taunting police to come closer. they are coming up on his right hand flank side. you still have the motorcycles in the background. this guy is picking up speed, clearly taunting police and clearly -- there he stops. maybe he's pushing, running out of gas. we are thinking he's running out of gas. >> certainly a possibility. he looks like he's having too much fun with this. >> motioning to the police officer behind him. he's slowing down again. take the pit maneuver out.
10:46 pm
take the spike strips out. and you are left with trailing this guy. for now, no pun intended he's in the driver's see the when it comes to controlling the tempo of this chase. he can slow it down. he can speed it up. looks like this guy is winging down at 75, 80 miles per hour in and out of traffic. that's where you start equating that danger. >> our affiliate, we hear from the pilot. let's try to listen in. >> the traffic and construction is light today. as far as being on the freeway it seems to be the safest place for him, not a lot of people out there at least six pd cars behind him. he's taking off. we were chatting up here and wondered if they would attempt to use stop sticks which may be tough, because he's a
10:47 pm
motorcycle. >> you see him stopping looks like he may be done. the chase is over. >> initial man who jumped on him doesn't appear to be in any kind of uniform. you have to wonder if they were just ready to take this guy down or they are law enforcement. >> it is texas. everything goes in texas. >> wild west. >> jail is where he's going. >> he was arrested and charged with evading arrest and violating his parole. there was a warrant out for his arrest, which is why officers were after him. he's in custody now. >> he was brought into custody by u.s. marshals. >> next, silly, stupid most ridiculous crimes ever. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more amecans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice.
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we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... f greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say.
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welcome back. let's move on to what the producers of this program call a stupid crime that's what you are about to see. some of the dumbest heists pulled since i stole my neighbor's cheerleading outfit from her clothes line. hey, i thought it might fit. and it did. >> we start with two who held up a convenience store, not with a gun but fancy dance moves. did it work? let's say it didn't hold a candle to me at my sister's wedding. you should see my chicken dance.ij here's more with jonathan hunt. >> a man and woman attempt to rob a 7-eleven. it is so nice when couples do things together. the man stuffs a bag with cigarettes, while his partner gets on the counter and starts dancing to distract the clerk. >> you go girl. >> it makes him unpredictable and more dangerous because nobody knows what they are going to do. >> clerk not moved by any of her moves grabs a small stick
10:52 pm
and stars waving it. she is suffering from an advanced case of dance fever. he keeps stealing and she just boogies. >> i have a great idea let's bust into this deli and i'll dance on the counter to distract the clerk while you go behind and steal the cigarettes. fabulous plan let's do it.=rírç÷ when the dancing doesn't entice the clerk the woman starts swinging. the says, i'm going to need a bigger . she is able to get to the phone and call 911. the woman picks up the check out scanner and tries to give him a brain scan. watch out sir, the clerk jumps on the counter, is that a line dance? no. when two thieves head for the door there is one last confrontation. the two men have a final dance, a tug-of-war over the bag of cigarettes in the mend, the clerk wins. the two dumb-dumbs leave empty-handed. >> everything about it, it was like a comedy retune.
10:53 pm
all that effort, all that dance -- routine. all that effort, all that dancing. dumb. >> a few days later police caught up with the suspects. they both pled guilty before the court to robbery. davis got five years. hutchison was sentenced to five years too and fined $1500. >> now for another not so smart crime story. a bank robber gets jumped at his own robbery. >> a masked man points a gun at a teller inside a wisconsin bank. the plot is foiled as a bank customer jumps and strangles him. his disguise was fabulous. you see the guy with the full mask, the halloween mask, his not so much. >> the robber was cuffed. police say the bystander was too brazen. >> masked man gave up after falling to the . get away without any money.
10:54 pm
-- he did get away without any money. >> this crook couldn't hold it together, literally. in indianapolis at a radioshack the man enters with his gun drawn demanding money as soon as the loot is in hand he drops it on the floor. oops. >> he doesn't appear to be prepared. he drops the money not only once, but twice. and seems to be clumsy. he is a -- he has a case of butter fingers. >> despite being nervous nellie, the suspect managed to get away. >> i threw him off. >> from a first time crook to a robber who ticked off his victim in north texas at a pizza place, a robbery again wrong. pizza guy cooperated with the robber until being slapped in the face. >> he dis me and that's not right. you don't disrespect a man and
10:55 pm
slap him in the face. >> the two men started fighting. >> we started fighting a little bit. >> the robber went for the register. he was hit with a punch. down goes the suspect. down goes the suspect. >> good two, three times he dropped right there he was out. >> the robber is the father of one of the employees. who was there at the time of the rob rip. she didn't realize it was him until the fight knocked off his sunglasses and wig. he was sentenced to 60 years in state prison. >> just when you thought you heard it all. this guy takes stupid criminals to a new level. a man in connecticut calls 911 with a question about his marijuana plant.
10:56 pm
>> connecticut police trace the call paid a visit to his home and charged him with possession and illegal cultivation. he was released on $5,000 bond and flipped police off as he
10:57 pm
walked out the door. his charges are still pending. >> that's it, i'm done. thanks for watching. remember, no animals were harmed in the making of this special. throw i did glare at a squirrel on the way to work and i may have hurt his feelings. this is greg gutfeld and this was you couldn't stop watching. verizon claims i 4g lte is twi as fast as &t. we're putting them to the test against the speed of a rescue unit. go ! they're downloading a music album. the first network to finish gets rescued. does your phone know that we're racing ?
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